Thank to visitors in the church in Sternberk

The listening studio Morfeus - the offering of the listen and records own music, which operates excursions in the local church, thanks to all visitors for their visit.

Excursions started in co-operation with the parish office from June 1998 and till the end of January 2000 we picked more than 15000 Kč for reparation and maintenance of the royal instrument - organ (more than 1500 visitors).

The largest part of the sum we picked from pupils of the 4. till 9. classes in II. a III. basic school in Sternberk who visited our church on June 1998, but also pupils from basic schools in Uničov and Olomouc. Another visitors were students from Sternberk´s secondary schools and students from USA, Spain, Portugal, India, Germany, etc. Also some visitors from inland tours and the Holand tour looked dawn upon the church. We cannot omit visitors from our town and close neigbourhood.

This action passed through from september to december 1998 also in catedral of Saint Václav in Olomouc. Thanks the classes from 10 Olomouc basic and secondary scholls we collected 5650,- Kč.

All visitors contributed by unomited among of money for a good thing and we thank to all of them.

September 2000, Sternberk, Martin Látal